In a recent chloride penetratin test conducted by the Danish institute COWI, it shown that 2.5mm of Mapelastic equals to 30mm of concrete cover with a w/c ratio of 0.45 according to EN1766 ( >20mm is demanded for the repair of bridges by the “Danish Road Directorate”). Apart from this impressive result, Mapelastic remains constantly flexible under all environmental conditions; hardwearing and resistant to chemical attack of deicing salts, sulphates, chlorides and carbon dioxide. Also, it can be easily applied even on vertical surfaces. It is recommended to insert a layer of Fiberglass Mesh to act as reinforcement when used for waterproofing terraces, balconies and swimming pools as well as in areas with either small cracks or are under particular stress.
Mapelastic for: – Waterproofing of concrete water basins, bathrooms, showers, balconies, terraces and swimming pools – Waterproofing of plasterboard, render or cementitious surfaces, lightweight cement blocks and marine-grade plywood – Protection of renders or concrete with cracks caused by shrinkage, against the infiltration of water and aggressive atmospheric elements
POT LIFE …60 minutes
Color …Grey
Application …Trowel or spraying
PACKANING: 32 kg units & 16 kg units
Available: In Stock

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