KONY BOND TU-TG [Urethane based (Non tar type) cold applied seamless waterproofing membrane (Type B1 & B2)]

– Kony Bond TU-TG is imported from Japan.
– It is a liquid-applied, urethane based seamless waterproofing material for roofing, decking and tanking.
– It is adhesive by nature, strong bonding to substrate after curing.
– It has excellent elasticity to withstand cyclic expansion/contraction of concrete slab.
– It is a superb waterproofing material with over 30 years of job references in Hong Kong.
– It is the approved product of Architectural Service Department, Hong Kong Housing Authority and Hong Kong Housing Society as Type B1 & B2 waterproofing material (liquid applied waterproofing membrane).
– It provides excellent rubber elasticity and resistance against weather, chemicals and water.
– It is an excellent material for protecting the roofs, decks, interior, underground structures, roads, bridges, flyovers.

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