KONY BOND CZ250 (High quality mortar admixture for concrete repair)

– Kony Bond CZ250 is imported from Japan.
– It forms waterproofing bond coat, screed and mortar.
– By diluting with suitable amount of water, Kony BOND CZ250 enhances the adhesion between the foundation between the concrete and the mortar.
– It is waterproofing and alkali resistant. And it is easy to apply.
– By mixing suitable amount of water, cement and sand, Kony BOND CZ250 could enhance the density of the mortar, and hence increasing the waterproofing, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance of the mortar. Therefore it enhances the durability of the mortar.

– Priming to the surface of concrete.
– Priming to the exterior and interior wall.
– Concrete repair to horizontal and vertical surface.
– Reinforced mortar coated on special surfaces.
– Tile adhesives.

– Long term durability and stability of the mortar.
– Waterproof and frost proof.
– Easy to use.
– Alkali resistant.
– Increase chemical resistance, abrasion resistant and impact resistant to mortar.

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